Thank You’s and Attributions

There are many thank you’s and a load of attributions to go through:

Thank you to the following:

Seth Godin – For your time and commitment to permission marketing.
Morgan Brown – For your time and guidance.
Joe Pine – For your conversation and focus on Experience.
Doc Searls – For your guidance, conversation, and focus on the future.
Stephan Jacob – For your conversation and ability to lead with Purpose.
Sean Gorenflo – For your conversation and proof that Agile is the future of work.
Diana Magers – For you guidance and explanation of creating holistic experiences.
Larry Kim – For your time, conversation, and research.
Chris Anderson – For your research and conversation.
Michael Westphal – For your time and fanatic focus on surveys.
Jim Ewel – For your time, and helping to create the Agile Marketing Manifesto.
Scott Brinker – For your research on the burgeoning marketing tech landscape.

Attribution for music used in the production:

Podington Bear –
Little Glass Men –
Nora Bayes – Over There (1917)
Latché Swing –
Kai Engel –
Doctor Turtle –
Black Sabbath – Iron Man –
PS22 Chorus “IRON MAN” Black Sabbath –
Krakota –
Robert John –
Jahzzar –
Lobo Loco –
Parallel Park –
Dolly Parton – 9 To 5 –
Ikebe Shakedown –
Loyalty Freak Music –
Big Mean Sound Machine –
Audiobinger –
Benjamin Banger –
The Freeharmonic Orchestra –
Shaolin Dub –

Attribution for the following content which was sampled in this production:

George Carlin – “Advertising”
The Medium is the Massage Movie –
Gartner Events Video Podcast- “Internet of Things in Supply Chain: What’s Real Now? (Trailer)”
Ted Talk – What Consumers Want –
Historic Films Stock Footage Archive – U.S. ENTERS WORLD WAR I, MILITARY DRAFT – 1917 –
Kmart – “Ship my Pants” –
GM – 1959 Chevrolet Commercial with Pat Boone Dinah Shore 1958 General Motors –
Late Night with David Letterman – Interview with Edward Bernays –
C-Span – Presidential Grand Jury Testimony –
Tech Insider – We Talked To Sophia –
CNN – Election Night 2016 Coverage Full Broadcast 11/8-9/2016 6PM to 6AM No Commercials –
Backcountry – State of Gold –
Tesla – Model Three Launch –
KPIX News 5 San Fransisco –
Tesla Geeks –
Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk –
Patagonia – Why Patagonia is Fighting for Public Lands –
The Economist Group – Economic Purpose: The Economist in conversation with SunTrust –
Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics – What is Stakeholder Theory? – R. Edward Freeman –
CBS News –
Always – Like A Girl –
Pepsi –
Ted Talk – Amber Case: We are all Cyborgs Now –
SouthWest Airlines –
Gary Small: “iBrain” | Talks at Google –
MackInstitute – When Two Brands Compete, It’s Customer Experience that Tips the Scale
BBC Late Show – William Gibson – Cyberpunk © 1991
Google Duplex Demo –
The Future of Conversational Interfaces | Worlds Fair Nano – NYC 2016 –