Electronic Propaganda Society

Episode 1: The Red Herring

It all began on June 24th, 2009. The last day of everything you thought you knew, and the first day of the modern era. This is where the revolution begins.

Episode 2: The DoDo Bird

It doesn’t matter what you tweet, what matters is that everyone in the world has the ability to created, distribute, and consume media with zero friction.

Episode 3: The Fault in Our Stars

Marketing is not a fact, rather a reaction to its environment. When the environment changes, marketing must change.

Episode 4: Context

In this episode we’ll go deep on the idea of context, what it is, and how it is your only hope in reaching the post AI consumer.

Episode 5: Break Out

In this episode we explore how Tesla created the biggest marketing win in history, and the new business model that allowed them to achieve such monumental success. It’s not more marketing, rather a totally new idea of marketing that we all must embrace.

Episode 6: The Power of Purpose

Breaking through in the Infinite era requires more than just a new idea of marketing, it the brand to find a way to stay in their audiences lives in new ways. Purpose is that way, and opens the brand up to a wide new world of possibilities.

Episode 7: All Consumers Are Changed

The new era has created a new consumer mandate. This episode looks at the difference between B2B, B2C, Millennials, and Baby boomers to see there really isn’t much of a difference at all. All consumers are changed.

Episode 8: The Agile Solution

The infinite era has changed all things, including the way we get our work done. Agile is the new production method we must use to accomplish the numerous new marketing roles, while achieving better outcomes.

Episode 9: Our Future Is Here

A look into the future to see what the infinite era holds for us in both the near and far off future.